EHS Software

EQMS INGENUITY EHS Software help companies meet their EHS compliance management and Behavioral Safety Observation challenges. Our Software provide premium Environmental, Health & Safety solutions that allow organizations to enjoy the benefits of a flexible and configurable software. Our Software will –

  • improve your company’s reporting requirements,
  • improve management of EHS performance, and
  • Reduce risks and costs associated with the above

WE COMPLY-Regulatory Compliance Software

The EQMS INGENUITY Regulatory Compliance Management software solution enables companies to identify applicable legislation, manage changes and track compliances and non-compliances.

  • Identify Applicable Legislation and Requirement applicable to site
  • Update new changes in the software or assign this task to us
  • Develop site specific legal registers as per your chosen fields
  • Centralize all tasks that are required to be undertaken in order to be compliant with applicable regulations or permits desired by different sites
  • Assign the tasks to concerned task managers responsible for any individual regulation, permit or requirement
  • Provide advance alerts to task managers
  • Determine compliance or non-compliance against applicable standard
  • Determine non-compliance risks
  • Assign & Follow-up on actions designed to address non-compliances
  • Update future tasks related to regulatory changes

WE OBSERVE-Behavior Based Safety Software

There are thousands of at-risk behaviors/ unsafe acts for every occupational injury. Each at-risk behavior has the potential to trigger an incident. We Observe Behavior Based Safety (BBS) Software aims to capture and analyze at-risk behaviors and enables organizations to identify hidden threats and contributory causes for the same.


We Observe BBS Software solution is a user-friendly application that manages behavior-based safety data.

  • Centralized software providing BBS process management at five levels
  • User Level
  • Department Level
  • Plant Level
  • Business Unit Level
  • Company specific Dash Boards
  • Every person to report observations, unsafe and at-risk behaviors and conditions after observations
  • Enables Behaviour Inventory Management
  • Develop Critical Behavioural Observation Checklists and modify/ adapt as needed by the range of behaviours at the site
  • Create a uniform and centralized process to identify at-risk behaviors
  • Enables User’s management
  • Assign responsibility /ownership in case of further action required to close unsafe acts
  • Set observation frequency and alerts
  • Enables robust data analysis and trends
  • Identify Safe/ Unsafe Behavior / Risk severity levels and Safety Trends
  • Maintain User/ Department/ Plant/ Company specific Dash Boards
  • Comprehensive Action Plan Management
  • Efficiently manage multiple action plans across multiple sites
  • Enhance collaboration through email alerts and workflow reminders
  • Monitor the effectiveness of action plans by tracking completion status’ and sign-offs
  • Attach close action photos, as needed


WE REPORT-Incident Investigation and Reporting

  • Create First Information Injury Report
  • Create Supervisory/Test Investigation Report
  • Determine Surface/Sub Surface & Route Causes
  • Create Incident Logs
  • Create Dash Boards For Injury Statistics Log
  • Prepare Reports and Incident Triangle

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